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Oil and gas exploration and development

Oil and gas exploration and mining

  The company has strong scientific research and development capabilities and complete oilfield drilling, operation, construction and other special equipment. Now it has 38 sets of ZJ-20, ZJ-30, ZJ-40, ZJ-50, ZJ-70 and other drilling rigs, which can adapt to and meet the drilling project within 7000 meters, and can undertake the drilling tasks of shallow wells, deep wells and ultra-deep wells. Meet the drilling construction needs of vertical wells, directional wells, raft wells, and side wells. The company can independently undertake drilling, workover, fracturing, injection, gathering and transportation projects, and complete more than 3,000 types of drilling, fracturing, workover, injection and mining measures more than 4,000 times. The company has conventional and unconventional oil and gas production technology and supporting logging trucks, cementing trucks, engineering work vehicles, high temperature and high pressure steam boilers, 2000-2500 fracturing trucks, oil testing vehicles, well washing trucks, workover trucks. 180 sets of special equipment for various oilfield engineering operations, which can complete drilling, logging, logging, cementing, workover, oil recovery, water injection, profile control, chemical flooding, gas flooding, acidification, fracturing, heavy oil mining, Oil and gas refining and other oil and gas development operations. ”